Monday, 24 November 2008

Here's some working from the least it has an air con!

Um what to say; draw on board, put down cloth rub with hand and voila, instant ready made marks...the orange images above are the actual boards i have painted on...i think they in themselves look ok too. not sure whether to die these now post printing or keep white??? What do y'all reckon?

Anyway, didn't think too much about it, just threw the paint down because i like the process and made a's a very different rhythm from painting with just a brush...which is like; put out paint, get brush and do. This process adds another element and is slightly removed from the direct mark making of just painting.

I am so thankful to anonymous, who recently left a mark on this blog with a wonderful poem.... (check comments from post below)


  1. What a wonderful person and artist you are.Thanks for making my day wonderful.

  2. the inner stitchbitch looks at these and thinks...stitch, followed by dye...layers and layers of stories.

    actually this direct print notion is something i've been using, with mud and milk, making marks about country, using materials from country - if you get my drift. think you're on to something here.

  3. the inner stitchbitch....makes for great images in my mind....
    i agree lots of layers upon layers

  4. I love them just the way they are,
    but i might put a little red stamp of my own on top - very Oriental