Tuesday, 25 August 2009

let it bleed

love it when the picnic table yields wonders
havn't been able to paint cos am in prison working
which is really painful
coa all i want to do is splash the syrup
scratch the brush
oil the rag
let it bleed.
so will have to just look at the travel tales
and dream of marks
and tracks

and look to streets for inspiration


  1. Great mark finding Imbi! It is painful to work, when all one wants to do is our real work - creating marks and scratches and see what happens on the page...I tell myself I can buy paint because I work....I don't think I fool myself very well.....I hope you get to make marks of your own soon.

  2. ooh thanks...so agree! AM having a show soon so have to get me chops into gear and PAINT UP!!!! Ahhhhhh. Is good though, need some new tracks. Am excited, large works on old canvas mailbags and boards. I love your marx...the dots were awesome. xxxx

  3. OMG! Old canvas mail bags? I can't stand it that is so great. Can't wait to see what you do...I found some marks today and put pictures on my side bar. Happy mark making Imbi...xo

  4. I think there are two types of artists in the world--- those that look up when they walk and those that look down--- love the textures and marks and cracks on sidewalks, streets and alleys-- and love your images.