Tuesday, 3 March 2009

the state of the pavement

the pavement makes nice things happen
have looked at these for years and never bothered to photograph
but did....
i keep wondering how to do this on fabric meself...not sure???
need a steady rain source, sun, concrete and leaves...hmmmm
might be investigative study for future reference....


  1. the concrete acts as a mordant as well as the substrate for dye attachment. magic.
    you could lay a cloth on concrete in the rainy season, heap it with leaves [so there's weight as well as leaf material] and leave Mother Nature to play...
    someone i once knew did something similar and left a stretched canvas under a tree...but primed the canvas with tar first so somehow the leaves lifted the tar from the surface and made a negative image...

  2. Geez Imbi. I check regular and nothing much appears on the radar, then I check back and I missed so much. Like those little honey's of yours. Far out. They are gorgeous just like their mum. Photos of school heartworks a amazing. I wish I'd had a teacher like u when I was at school. Finally, just wanna encourage u. Ur doing an amazing job in spite of all that is going on. I loved meeting u, and felt nothing but admiration for ur spirit given what ur going through. Such an amazing woman. Awesome girl. And keep following ur heart chick. It's a good heart. U r surrounded by some amazing people. Bless. R. xx